Thursday, March 24, 2011

Praising The Dead

THE DEAD MAN keeps winning praise in the blogosphere. Tomb It May Concern said, among other things:
What stood out to me here is that authors Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin aren't really shooting, so far, for Mack Bolan's title, but the prose the pair wield is like one guy holding a pump shotgun and the other a sniper rifle. Sex. Violence. Gore. Humor.  It all works. The plot rolls with a surprising ease and doesn't offer up cardboard characters just blasting away.  
I'm ready to read and enjoy...and learn a bit...about how to be so accurate with the right way to get a reader involved.  Both are novelists and work in the TV series paperback field and I think both styles are on show here.  The Dead Man is a perfect novelette in a can, ready to be adapted by whatever cable channel is ready to mix equal parts soulful sexual pounding with pulse smashing pulp action and a touch of horror.
The folks over at Might Blowhole had a good old time reading the book.
Very well-written and fast-moving, with suitable gore and some effective creepiness (chapter 7 could work as a very scary short story all by itself) and good action scenes. There's a lot of humor, too, but it's handled the right way; it doesn't compromise the horror or the action.
Wag the Fox blog liked the down-to-earth elements of the first book in the series...
The book carries a blue-collar charm that provides a nice counter-balance to the more fantastical and gruesome elements of the story.[...]The book is a short novel, running probably closer to novella in length. And that's kind of a kick in the teeth, since the book only offers a small measure of closure in the time the story is told. This is the first book in a series, though. As such, it feels like the season premiere to a very promising show.  
We really appreciate all the great reviews and look forward to bringing you many more DEAD MAN books over the months to come.

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