Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Behold the Child" .99 on Kindle

Behold the Child (Novella)The Dead Man author Harry Shannon's horrifying new novella Behold the Child is now just 99 cents on the Kindle. This horror classic first appeared in the Cemetery Dance anthology "Brimstone Turnpike."
Sam Kenzie is an LAPD cop who can't escape his obsession with a serial killer due to demons of his own...
The novella earned raves from no less than Shroud Magazine, which said:
"Behold the Child", by Harry Shannon, is the perfect mix of classic Noir and the supernatural. A maverick, burned-out cop haunted by his last city case ignores advice and a "wrong" turn en route to his retirement gig in the isolated desert town of his youth. It's dark, brooding, and reminds us that unfortunately, not everyone takes advantage of divine second chances."
Do yourself a favor and check it out now!

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