Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Praise for THE DEAD MAN

THE DEAD MAN has notched a dozen rave reviews on his tombstone at Amazon in the first week or so of's his latest, a five-star rave from Matthew Mayo.

A Whiplash Thriller You Can't Put Down
The Dead Man: Face of Evil, the first in a planned series of books written by series creators Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin, takes its cues from the best of the men's adventure genre of past decades and then hits the highway with its own twists, turns, and flaming rollovers. 
The novel is horrific, suspenseful, mysterious, and adventurous, all at once. It's also fast-paced, grim-humored, and cleverly written. But mostly, it's a seat-edge read, equal parts chuckles and winces, that slams our hero from one peril to another. Did I mention it's a page turner? 
I'll not rehash the plot--no need to spoil anything--except to say that I like where it took me (and where it promises to take me) and I dig the characters I met on the way. It's short, novella length, but that suits me just fine. I like my action in-close, pummeling, and tinged with humor, and The Dead Man: Face of Evil offers that in spades. 
The Dead Man: Face of Evil is pure pulpy goodness. And even better--there's more to come! Book number two, The Dead Man: Hell in Heaven, also written by Goldberg and Rabkin, is due out soon. And after that, we're promised further installments written by more modern pulp masters. Count me in.

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