Monday, March 7, 2011

News from the Dead

Bill Crider talked about THE DEAD MAN an an interview with the Tense Moments Blog about his career and what's in store for him:
I have a new two-book contract with St. Martin’s for Sheriff Rhodes, so I’ll be continuing that series.  I’m working on two e-book ventures, too.  One of them is Rancho Diablo, a western series, with James Reasoner and Mel Odom. The other is the Dead Man series, created by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin.  I’m excited about the possibilities for both of those ventures.
His Rancho Diablo co-writers James Reasoner and Mel Odom are also on the roster of DEAD MAN authors, which also includes Matthew P. Mayo, Joel Goldman, James Reasoner, David McAfee, James L. Daniels, Burl Barer, and Matt Witten.

The next books up in the series are HELL IN HEAVEN by Goldberg & Rabkin later this month and RING OF KNIVES by James L. Daniels in April.

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