Sunday, April 3, 2011

RING OF KNIVES Gets Permission To Kill

The Permission to Kill blog has given an enthusiastic review to RING OF KNIVES and to the DEAD MAN series. They say, in part:
there is far more to Cahill than just being a do-gooder who travels around righting wrongs. He has his own problems to sort out, and his journeys are solely for him to find out more about himself and the strange occurrences and visions that have become a regular part of his life.[..]Ring of Knives is a fine addition to the on-going story of The Dead Man, but – and as you would expect from a story written by a different author, it is very different in tone from Face of Evil. Ring lacks the humour of the first book, but in its stead Daniels has added some genuine tension and blood-curdling passages. There is a torture scene in the story, that Ian Fleming would have been proud of. Also, the ending to Ring, isn’t such a such a tease like it’s predecessor, so it is more like a complete stand-alone story. In in all, Ring of Knives is very enjoyable, and suitably creepy.

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