Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Kudos for Cahill

The Book'em Benj-o blog liked RING OF KNIVES by James Daniels. They say, in part:

another frightening outing for our hero come back to life. Daniels does a very good job tying his story to the foundational story of the series creators. One thing that I miss is the attachment to his grandfather’s axe which gets only a cursory mention at the beginning of the story. Otherwise, if you like action, adventure, horror, blood, and gore, you’re destined for one of your favorite stories. 
And the first DEAD MAN tale, FACE OF EVIL, earned a rave from the Paper Knife blog in Hungary.  Thanks to Google translate, we were able to muddle through. Here's a translated n excerpt:
The Face of Evil is crazy fun reading. An almost perfect combination of a certain b-genres, a non-stop action and the bloody horror [...]  sometimes funny, sometimes chilling, sometimes deeply human. Total professional.
 Remember, Face of Evil is priced at just 99 cents...but that super-low price ends in just a few weeks!

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