Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrate Halloween with Black Death

The fourteenth terrifying DEAD MAN tale, THE BLACK DEATH by Aric Davis, is now available, just in time for Halloween. Davis is the author of the innovative, widely-acclaimed horror novel, A GOOD AND USEFUL HURT. 

In THE BLACK DEATH, Matt Cahill is stranded in small, Indiana town in the grip of a horrible plague…not a disease, but a deadly new form of crystal meth that is turning its users into black-eyed, blood-crazed monsters and that could be even more virulently evil than the touch of Mr. Dark. So Matt embarks on a harrowing quest, a journey into darkness and depravity, to find the source of the black death and destroy its makers before the drug, and the homicidal madness it creates, can spread to the entire nation.

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