Thursday, September 27, 2012

News from the DEAD

Lots of exciting things are happening in the world of THE DEAD MAN...

Our 13th tale, THE DEATH MATCH, by Christa Faust was published on Sept. 18th and is one of our fastest selling books yet. Readers are gobbling this one up, and for good r
eason...not only does it reveal new levels to our mythology, tying together events from several previous DEAD MAN novels, it's also full of Christa's trademark brand of dark noir that made her novels CHOKE HOLD and MONEY SHOT such widely acclaimed successes.

In October, just in time for Halloween, comes Aric Davis' exciting DEAD MAN tale THE BLACK DEATH, which pits Matt against Mr. Dark, the Hillbilly mafia, and a new evil that could sweep the nation. It's a bloody thrill-ride. But you can get a taste of Aric's unique brand of horror now in his bestseller A GOOD AND USEFUL HURT.

In November, we're releasing our fourth compilation, which contains FREAKS MUST DIE, THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and SLAVES TO EVIL (the audiobook will follow soon).

And in December, screenwriter David Tully makes his literary debut with his DEAD MAN tale THE KILLING FLOOR, which features Mr. Dark big time...and in a way we've never seen one of the most thrilling, and darkly humorous, books in the series.

The new year will bring exciting new DEAD MAN novels from Lisa Klink, Anthony Neil Smith, Barry Napier, Chris La Tray, and Stant Litore, among others, that will deepen the DEAD MAN mythology, solve some of the mysteries, and reveal startling new aspects to Matt, Mr. Dark, and their strange relationship. 

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