Friday, February 25, 2011

Redemption for DEAD MAN author

James Reasoner, author of an upcoming book in THE DEAD MAN series, has resurrected DIAMONDBACK, one of his long-lost "action adventure" novels on the Kindle. He writes:
this is a novel that I wrote back in the Eighties for a men's adventure line that collapsed before any of the books ever came out.  (Livia and I wrote a romance novel that suffered the same fate, but it's lost now and will never see the light of day.)  DIAMONDBACK has never been published until now, so it's a new book and a historical document at the same time.  In going back over it to prepare this edition, I could see how much my writing has changed in some ways during the past thirty years, and how in other ways it's still very much the same.  The most important thing, though, is that I still found this to be an entertaining, enjoyable book.  The Kindle edition features a new introduction by Bill Crider and an afterword by me.  I've always liked this novel, and I'm glad it's out there in the world at last.
So are we. He's also winning praise for his newest western, REDEMPTION KANSAS, from acclaimed author Troy D. Smith who says, in part:
This is the first new western to come out from James Reasoner under his own name for a while. He writes well no matter what name is on the cover, but I’m glad to see him getting full credit for this one. The name “James Reasoner” popped out at me in the ‘90s when I read several short story anthologies in a row that had tightly-written, powerful tales of his –“Wish Book” stands out particularly in my memory –and those, plus the classic Under Outlaw Flags, quickly made him one of my favorite writers. Reading his new book makes me remember why. If you want to read a good traditional western, I give this one a strong recommendation.
 Reasoner is one of the hardest working, and most prolific writers in the business, and it's great to see him getting some attention lately.

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